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Walks Within Introspection, Limited edition signed print

Walks Within Introspection, Limited edition signed print


"Walks Within Introspection"
Introspection is the journey of self discovery and the things found within. The journey is life-long and the warrior is a student of life. He seeks knowledge from both within and outside. Inside each of us we can find knowledge, answers and healing.

The bear is a healer. He knows the proper plants and herbs to eat when he is sick and he goes into the "darkness" of his den to heal. Once he is well, he leaves the den celebrating the gift of life.

The elk is a symbol of the West - where introspections reside on the Medicine Wheel. Spirituality is also found in the West. The elk's antlers are raised like antennae to the "above world" and he sings of his connection to creation.

The old man, with eyes closed, goes within to discern the teachings of nature and self. In the darkness of his inner self is where he seeks wisdom.

Signed by Ralph P. Brown

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