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Thirteen Virtues to a New Life - PDF

Thirteen Virtues to a New Life - PDF


For readers searching for self-awareness, enlightenment, and knowledge of Native American culture, 13 Virtues to a New Life: A Journey Around the Medicine Wheel by Ralph P. Brown is a stunning blend of allegories, parables, legends, and myth. The author, whose Mohawk name is Tawennihake, is an accomplished pointillist artist and Native American storyteller, and in this collection of Native American wisdoms he offers a rare spiritual and artistic journey. From how humans perceive one another to how people can change their course to how they understand God, this compilation offers something for everyone.

The stories beg to be read aloud, and with titles such as "The Boy, the Old Man and the Village," "How Brother Skunk Got His Stripes," and "Jumping Mouse," there is exuberance, hubris, and charm. As the Medicine Wheel turns east, south, west, and north, all that is truly spiritually appealing in life is given its due course and introspection.

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