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Escape From Earth Lodge

Escape From Earth Lodge


"Escape From Earth Lodge"
When in the course of life we encounter painful moments and events, when trust is broken and faith is shaken, the strong can become weak and the brave can become afraid.

As creatures with the nature to survive, we seek to avoid pain. Whether physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, when faced with too much pain we find ourselves wanting to retreat to the "safe place" or Earth Lodge. We go into our shell, as the saying goes, thereby cutting ourselves off from the world, from people or from whatever we are running from. In doing this you may protect yourself from a broken heart, but you also deny yourself the chance at the happiness a loving relationship can provide. You may protect yourself from being cheated on, but you also never know the gift of trust when it is rewarded with honor and respect.

When a person cuts himself off from the world in this way, he retreats into darkness. Love and trust... these are of the Light.

It is the light of awareness that the Eagle brings and he reveals the gifts of Light by pulling back our shell. Naked and vulnerable we must dare to tread in the light even when it hurts our eyes. The gifts are worth the risk!

Dimensions: 18" x 24"

This intricate pointillism piece is sold framed only.
The frame is an ornate golden/brown/black marble 3 1/2 inches with a 3" burnished rust colored mat.

Please inquire on shipping rates as we will work with you to determine the best, most cost efficient way to ship to your location, based on your preferences.

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