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Eagle Medicine, Limited edition signed print

Eagle Medicine, Limited edition signed print


"Eagle Medicine"
No bird sees farther or better than the eagle. It is a symbol of things involving sight. We seek in the many ways we choose to "look". Whatever eyes we are looking through, the mind's eye, the eyes of the heart, the eyes of others, we want our vision to be as clear as can be. The lightning is a symbol of "illumination" and flashes of understanding that we receive at times.

The old one closes his eyes in respect for the eagle and his gifts. It also shows that he is looking with other eyes for his understanding and he's also "touching" the eagle. This shows us that the lessons must be gained from experiencing them. It is one thing to know something in the realm of mind and imagination, but knowledge without relevance is never wisdom.

It is only when we know how things learned actually apply in our lives that we step on the enlightened path - and our learning is not complete until we experience and live what we know. All the medicine in the world doesn't mean a thing unless it is taken as prescribed.

Signed by Ralph P. Brown

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