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Carnelian Choker

Carnelian Choker


This one-of-a-kind choker is made of the finest Genuine Bone, Sterling Silver, Carnelian gemstones, Melon Conch Shell and Ermine Tails

Designed and handcrafted by Ralph P. Brown, Carnelian is associated with emotional warmth, inspiration and can help one to balance between mental focus and creativity. It calms the mind from fear of death. Is an excellent motivator in matters of business and career choices.

The original purpose of the choker was to protect the Indians’ throats from being cut in battle.

Today the battle is no longer fought with knives or bow and arrows, but the choker is no less significant. The throat is where the voice comes from. It is the voice that makes thought from the mental and spiritual world and brings it into the physical world. The word is carried on the breath (which is one of the elements of creation). In the throat is a power center, sometimes called a chakra. Heart and mind meet in the center before the word is made. Spiritually speaking, it is very important to protect this center and the choker is charged with this duty.

This choker has four rows of bone hair pipe. The number “four” represents many things but where the choker is concerned, I use four to represent balance and to enlist the help of the spirit helpers in the four directions: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical protection.

The stones (in bead form) speak of our connection to Mother Earth. Each stone has its own spirit and is imbued with its own qualities and characteristics. Their voice is quiet and they speak to the heart, not to the ear.

This choker has a melon conch shell to honor our connection to all things that swim or walk on this earth. Everything has a spirit and these spirits are capable of working with us whether we know or perceive it. Everything on the choker is meant to protect, guide and aid the wearer. It is my prayer that you walk in beauty.

-In Spirit,

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