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Awakening The Eagle - PDF

Awakening The Eagle - PDF


In Awakening the Eagle: An Introduction to the Medicine Wheel, author, Mohawk tribal member, and spiritual advisor Ralph P. Brown delivers a true gift of wisdom and hope. We follow the spiritual journey of young Okwaho as he travels the road of life with wise old Lightning Eyes.

Along the way, the boy learns about his traditions and the wisdom that lies at the heart of his culture. He is also taught the importance and the power of the Medicine Wheel, a force that mirrors all that exists. Through the use of tribal parables, history, philosophy, and ceremonial observations the reader is carried into a world in which the riddles of life are revealed, many of its answers found in Native American culture and tradition.

The Medicine Wheel is perhaps the most powerful tool, representing all facets of our universe. Okwaho (and the reader) discovers the importance of word clues—like directions on a map— and what they mean to his life. Through this journey, we become acutely aware of our senses and how they affect our perceptions of life and living.

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